Every boxing class will be designed to allow all willing members to participate. Each class begins with giving members an overview of what we are doing. If members need assistance with hand wraps gloves, etc., this should be done at the beginning of class before the warm up. Allow 10-15 minutes of warm up time to get the body ready to move. Warmups will be determined by the instructor, but are to include movements designed to promote pliability and fluid motion. The warm up should also give each member the opportunity to get the heart rate up and ready to work. During the 30-40 minutes of workout time, the class/workout should be designed to give the members plenty of time and opportunity to learn and practice boxing techniques that promote good cardiovascular health, as well as strength, agility, coordination, and athleticism. As we offer plenty of opportunities for our members to get strength training in our circuit classes, we want to focus on the boxing classes being just that, boxing!