Joseph Peterson

Joe is an ISSA certified Personal Trainer with over 10 years experience. 

Joseph Peterson instructs the following:
  • Fitness: HIIT
  • Improve your activity performance. This fitness class is a total body high-intensity workout. Focusing on dynamic movement to improve your strength,endurance, and performance.    

  • Fitness: Function
  • Become more efficient. This class will challenge your body with exercises focused on improving your day-to-day activity & movement. All the while keeping your heart rate elevated. 

  • The Ovarians
  • private group

  • HIIT Express
  • Very similar to our normal HIIT classes, but designed for the lunchtime crowd.  This class is 45 minutes, allowing you time to get in and out with a great workout during the lunch break!

  • Fitness 4 Kids
  • Fun kids class! We make fitness fun at Uptown.