Amanda Pigeon

I am a high energy, slightly eccentric yogi who wants to bring yoga to those who don’t necessarily believe in its mystical powers. Sometimes, yoga can be so ethereal that we forget we are just everyday people, practicing with the bodies and minds that we have today. Whether you believe in the spirituality of yoga or not, yoga will help you. On my journey to developing a personal yoga practice, I have learned that you do not find yoga, it finds you.
I love yoga because it reminds me to show compassion to myself, as well as those around me.
My goal is to show others their strength through powerful flows and thoughtful pranayama practices.

Amanda Pigeon instructs the following:
  • Yoga: Energetic Flow
  • Find the balance between strength and serenity with this fast-paced, power yoga class. Learn to use your breath as your guide, moving in a way that feels right for your body. Suitable for all who are interested in it, from beginners to advanced practitioners. Throughout this flow, we will explore everything from sun salutations to backbends and inversions. Moving in this way will allow you to find a meditative state of mind, while still getting a pretty killer workout!