April Rochford

I began my yoga journey when I was too young to know how badly I would one day need it. It was something fun and new to try, but as I kept showing up for class my practice evolved into something sacred. It has since grown with me through college, career, marriage, and motherhood. Yoga brings me joy, alleviates my pain, and feeds my curiosity about the true nature of the universe.

I have a biology degree, with specific interests in the nervous system, so I tend to draw from that knowledge in order to help describe how yoga affects our well-being. I also have a strong interest in meditation and yoga’s potential to compliment professional mental health treatment. I have relied heavily on yoga to navigate the realms of anxiety and depression, as well as the “normal” range of emotional experiences, and am grateful to be able to share the techniques I have learned with others.

April Rochford is currently not instructing any classes.