Membership pricing


All sales are final. No returns or refunds are available for services.

Day Pass

A perfect option if you are just here for a day or two.

Day passes give you access to our facility and everything we have to offer.

Auto renew punchcard

The auto-renew punchcard gives you up to 5 visits per month. Never lose value! The auto-renew punchcard visits roll over. That means if you don't get in those 5 visits in a month, those visits will roll over and add to your next month. Your visits will be available until your auto-renew membership is terminated.

Your visits never expire and never disappear.

3 for $55
10 for $160

We have two punchcards available: 3 visits for $55 & 10 visits for $160. 

With a punchcard you have access to our entire facility, including all our group fitness classes.

Our 3-visit punchcards expire after 2 months. 

Our 10-visit punchcards expire after 6 months. 

1 Month Unlimited

One-month unlimited is just that: one month. You will have access to everything we have to offer including all studio and group fitness classes. Your unlimited month starts on the day you purchase it and ends one month later.

Our one-month unlimited is a great choice if you are in town for a limited time.

Auto-Pay Membership

Our membership is the most equitable option. 

If you plan to come two times per week (or more) you simply can’t beat that price. 

We are all about our members and build our community with you in mind.

No commitments. No contracts. You can end your membership anytime by providing us a 30 day notice.



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