Uptown Athletic Team

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Our Mission is to provide a first-class wellness environment that’s fun, clean, and supportive.

Our goal is to invoke the athlete in all of us. Our intent is to provide a facility that meets the needs of all athletes as they prepare themselves for their highest potential.  Our purpose is to build a community that encourages health, wellness, and vitality. Our vision is a member-focused health and wellness center providing a unique, first-class experience to our community. 

Member-focused means we seek to know our members as individuals, we strive to provide them a level of personal service beyond expectation, and we reach to identify how we can better serve our members before they ask. We build a wellness community in partnership with our members.

Uptown Athletic
802 Gambell Street
Anchorage, AK



Hour of Operation

M-Thursday 5am-11pm
Friday 5am-10pm
Sat-sun 8am-8pm
Our values 
  • We invest in our community with intent to improve everything we touch
  • We provide simple transparent pricing and services to our members: no hidden costs , no up-selling, and no surprises
  • We always provide a clean, safe, and encouraging environment
  • We have fun, we make fun, we are fun
  • We treat our members, our colleagues, and our competitors with grace and respect
  • We have a strict “no jerk” policy. If you are a jerk, we will ask you to leave the community.


Get ready with us Go out — be Extraordinary!





135 W Dimond Blvd | Anchorage AK 99515
(907) 891-5703| uptown@uptownathletic.com

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