I am a high energy, slightly eccentric yogi who wants to bring yoga to those who don’t necessarily believe in its mystical powers. Sometimes, yoga can be so ethereal that we forget we are just everyday people, practicing with the bodies and minds that we have today. Whether you believe in the spirituality of yoga or not, yoga will help you. On my journey to developing a personal yoga practice, I have learned that you do not find yoga, it finds you.
I love yoga because it reminds me to show compassion to myself, as well as those around me.
My goal is to show others their strength through powerful flows and thoughtful pranayama practices.
Like so many people, Natalie didn’t fully appreciate what her body could do until it couldn’t do it anymore. Yoga was her gateway back into the world of movement after injuring her back. She has taken a variety of university classes to enhance her movement practices including: Athletic Training, Anatomy and Physiology, and Movement Theory and Motor Development. She completed her international yoga teacher certification through Spirit Path, and is a registered RYT 200 with Yoga Alliance.
I like to have fun with yoga. I get excited about leading others in a practice with music, sweat, and focus.
Since discovering yoga I've found strength, flexibility, and an uncluttered mind within myself. My goal is to pass these things on to others. Don't forget to have fun, it's yoga!
Jill Williams received her teachers training at the Inner Dance Studio in the Iyengar style of Hatha Yoga. She teaches warm flow with an emphasis on alignment and safe inversions.
All level students are welcome.
As a movement instructor and enthusiast across many disciplines, i have a keen appreciation for the benefits of a strong center and grounded physical presence. Because of the mindfulness of the work, Pilates is “good for what ails you,” and provides an amazing foundation for physical training. Hope to see you in class!
Erica Malouf believes that yoga can benefit everybody AND every body. Her personal practice and approach to teaching can be summed up with Teddy Roosevelt's saying, "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."
On a personal level, yoga has eased her neck pain, improved her posture, increased her range of functional
movement and helped her to be a more loving person. She hopes to share yoga in a way that both physically and mentally invites strength, flexibilty, balance, and wholeness into the lives of those with whom she practices.
Erica also enjoys painting, writing stories, and hiking, biking or skiing in the outdoors with her husband,three children, and her loyal dog, Wonder.

I began my yoga journey when I was too young to know how badly I would one day need it. It was something fun and new to try, but as I kept showing up for class my practice evolved into something sacred. It has since grown with me through college, career, marriage, and motherhood. Yoga brings me joy, alleviates my pain, and feeds my curiosity about the true nature of the universe.

I have a biology degree, with specific interests in the nervous system, so I tend to draw from that knowledge in order to help describe how yoga affects our well-being. I also have a strong interest in meditation and yoga’s potential to compliment professional mental health treatment. I have relied heavily on yoga to navigate the realms of anxiety and depression, as well as the “normal” range of emotional experiences, and am grateful to be able to share the techniques I have learned with others.

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